Why Galaxy


The best education for children is achieved through a partnership with parents, staff and students. Collaboration by all partners is vital to student success.

Galaxy International School was founded in September 2014. We are a private, co-educational school registered with the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science.

GIS caters for children from Kindergarten through Primary and into Senior High School. The school has students from many different countries, speaking many different languages. This enables the students to build friendships with peers from many parts of the world.

Our international school values individuality and aims to develop our student’s knowledge and understanding of the differences and commonality of all the peoples of the world. In school, the main learning medium is English and they are encouraged to speak English in all but the native collection of lessons

As well as the usual international qualifications (maths, science, biology, chemistry etc.) we understand that students transfer, to and from, many different school systems and bring with them a varied educational and cultural background. Therefore we adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our international student body. In addition to the normal international curriculum there is the inclusion of the Kazakh Language, Kazakh History, Kazakh Social Science, Kazakh Sociology, Kazakh Geography as well as, by arrangement, the same subjects in other students native language.