Galaxy International School accepts and celebrates students from all countries and cultures. Applications are accepted from students from Kindergarten  through Primary, Secondary to High School Grade 11.Students must be legal residents or citizens of Kazakhstan. Students are accepted without regard to race, gender, ethnicity or national origin as part of our non-discrimination and equal opportunities policy.  The school promotes equal opportunity for all, applying the regulations on admissions, fairly and equally to all those who wish to attend. 
GIS follows the Kazakhstan School calendar  and runs from September the 1st  through to May the 25th. The calendar is divided into two semesters, with two terms per semester (i.e. four terms per academic year). Applications for places are available all year round; however, new students accepted in May will not begin their studies at Galaxy until the following September. For certain more rigorous programs (i.e. IGCSE’s) there may be more restrict ions regarding when and how students may enter these courses. 
Later admissons will be judged on a case to case basis. 
To determine and fulfill the role of Galaxy International School as a co-educational school with an International Curriculum. 

Acceptance and enrolment at our school is based on the following parameters: 
-  Students Age 
-  Previous School Records (academic performance, behaviour) 
-  Teacher Recommendations 
-  Administration Recommendations 
-  Placement Test 
-  Availability (space in the appropriate year or class) 
Prospective students, except Kindergarten applicants and native English speaking applicants, are required to take an English  test. This test is conducted to understand the English language level of the student and to determine if English support lessons are needed for the applicant or not. Applicants must also take the GIS placement test for math and science.  
It is very important for children to be with peers of a similar stage as social maturity as changes made early on may have negative consequences later. It is therefore important to adhere to the policy of keeping children within their correct age band except in the following circumstances:  
  1) If parents feel their child would benefit from being placed out of age, the school will asses the child, talk to the  child’s parents and former teachers to ascertain the best position.  
  2) A student in Grade 4 or upwards, who does not have a high enough level of English to complete the program, the  school will consider options which  would allow the student time to focus on English skills and then join the appropriate  program.  
  3) Provided academic ability is evidenced and the student has a good level of English, the school will allow the student  to join the appropriate program.

We are a non-selective School and we accept pupils with a wide range of ability levels. 
If a parent were to present a child with severe behavioral, academic or emotional problems we would consider that Galaxy International school was not the right environment and the parents would be asked to find an alternative school.  We expect that the stimulating, flexible curriculum offered at Galaxy International will ensure the pupils are engaged, motivated and excited to learn all that we can offer them. Admissions are subject to the availability of places and successful completion of our admissions requirements. We ask for the previous school reports, if available, and a letter of recommendation from current school attended if the child has previously attended school. We reserve the right to balance our classes according to age and gender. Priority is given to siblings of children already at the school.  

Mid-Year Admissions 
If there are any places in the class not filled in by the middle of the school year, a child will be allowed to start immediately subject to the completion of our Admissions requirements. 
Gender Balance 
We attempt to achieve a balance of gender in each grade, and where a grade has a preponderance of boys, for example, we would endeavor to redress the balance of sexes by holding a place open for girls. 
Catchment Area 
Children will be accepted from a wide catchment around Almaty.  
We do not to discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, culture, or sexuality. 

To enrol in the school students should submit the following documentation: 
-  School Application Form 
-  Five document photos 
-  Notarized copy of Birth Certificate or Passport translated into Kazakh
-  Immunization Records 
-  Original/Notarised copies of transcripts/reports from previous schools 
-  Photocopies of parents ID/passport 
-  Address reference
Notarised copies of any and ID papers must be provided by the parents/Guardians.  
A minimum of 30% of the total fees must be paid in advance in order to hold a place for your child.  (See fees section)  
There is a one month probation period which new students must show their ability to perform satisfactorily in both expected behaviour and our academic program. This time allows Galaxy, the students and their families to make sure our program and school are a good fit.  
This gives time for any behavioural and academic problems to come to light and a decision to be made regarding a students’ status being changed  from provisional to full enrolment status 
Any student transferring out of GIS must complete the “Student Transfer Form” which can be obtained from the administration office. This form must be completed prior to a student transferring. It is the parents responsibility to complete the form.  It is the parents responsibility to contact the new school the student will be transferring to. It is also the parents responsibility to make all the necessary arrangements, complete the paperwork and transfer the appropriate documents needed for a successful transfer. Any and all school materials must be returned before the transfer is complete.