General information and history

The history of Galaxy International School is a relatively short one compared to other International schools in Almaty and Kazakhstan. In 1996, way back before Galaxy begin, the school was a Kazakh educational establishment named Shalan School following the standard Khaakh education department curriculum standards. Then in 2011 we took our first steps towards internationalism by changing and becoming the 1st Turkish school in Almaty. Adding Turkish subjects to the school’s curriculum and with the Turkish influence on the schools policies and outlook we were able to provide a sound education for both Kazakh nationals and Turkish ex Pats. IN 2014 Galaxy started its biggest challenge yet by becoming Galaxy international school. By bringing in more educational experts, changing our main subject
curriculums over to the Cambridge international, changing our learning medium to English we took our first steps towards competing in the International Education market.Now as we are into our second year we hope you will join as we make history. Lifting the standards of teaching and education as we head of into the future. Keeping the Kazakh and Turkish subjects so that we do not lose touch with our roots whilst showing the respect for our host nation. Introducing new initiatives and standards in order to create an environment that will help produce students that will be not only able to compete but also excel in the global community that is our world today.