Mission statement and Philosophy

Our prime mission is to raise students who are self-motivated, open-minded and harmonious individuals who have an intellectual and behavioral foundation which will enable them to become exemplary world citizens. They will be lifelong learners who celebrate diversity through compassion and cooperation, using innovation to contribute further to the global community.
We will give our students opportunities to achieve academic excellence and attain global citizenship by providing a dynamic internationally based academic curriculum strengthened by guidance, encouragement and a nurturing environment. 
Galaxy International School is committed to cater to the individual educational requirements of our students who come from various cultural backgrounds. The school philosophy is for our teachers and students to promote not only excellence in the academic aspects of their lives but also excellence in their social and personal values and sense of responsibility towards the world around them. 
The goal of the GIS curriculum is to maintain a balance between a strong academic foundation and psychological guidance with an emphasis on the advancement of independent thinking, behavioural development and emotional resilience guiding our students towards being active rather than passive learners. 
Students are encouraged to cultivate their interests in diverse subjects such as math, English language/literature, the sciences, languages, arts and humanities, drama, music, sport, ICT and many other extracurricular activities during our daily clubs. All of these subjects are integrated into our academic program with individual differentiated support to suit the individual needs of the children. 
We believe that in order for our students to become global citizens, they must be equipped with international social awareness, tolerance and an understanding and mutual respect of other cultures and life choices. As a community composed of students and staff from many different backgrounds we recognize the importance of unity, camaraderie and friendship. Through these Values our students will develop into highly responsible individuals who wil l successfully overcome the challenges encountered as they advance onto the world stage.

Our Values:
-  Leadership: Demonstrating leadership in the promotion and development of our students, clients and staff. 
-  Service Excellence: Commitment to providing quality educational services to our students, clients and business partners. 
-  Integrity: Commitment to honesty, fairness, equality, equity and ethical practices. 
-  Interdependence: Commitment to learning and working together to achieve the personal and professional growth of our clients, students and staff.
-  Recognition: Providing an environment which encourages innovation and recognition of accomplishments. 

Our Philosophy:
-  That every student has a right to learn. 
-  That each child has unique talents and great potential, we encourage each child to explore their talents and we help to bring out the best in them. 
-  Knowledge is acquired through a cognitive, constructive process, and therefore our curriculum should emphasize experiential learning at all levels. 
-  That education should be student-centered and should focus on individual learning styles.
-  Education is a partnership among students, teachers, parents and the broader community. 
-  In Recognizing the dignity and worth of each member of our school community we recognize the importance of our mutual responsibilities to each other and to others in the Global World Community. 
-  That education in an international school with a community of diverse cultural, ethnic, spiritual and religious backgrounds should provide and promote understanding and dialogue between all creeds, beliefs, ethnicities and cultures. 
-  That we should treat everyone with humanity. Goodness, generosity, tolerance and honesty cannot be forced or ordered, but they can be modeled, studied, and taught. Everyone in the GIS community should strive to demonstrate these characteristics at all times. 
-  In managing in an open, ethical and transparent manner. 
-  In delivering value-added services.
-  In building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.
-  In networking with other domestic, regional and international organizations. 
-  In celebrating individual and organizational accomplishments.
-  In creating a continuous learning environment.
-  In fostering innovation and creativity.
-  In having fun.

Our Objectives:
-  To provide quality curriculums, faculties, learning facilities and environments where our students can reach their highest potential. 
-  To provide comprehensive curriculums at an international level which emphasize strong academic and creative expressions and which facilitate entry to higher level schools and universities. 
-  To recruit and retain qualified, experienced, adaptable and highly capable teachers. 
-  To promote high standards of behavior and to foster caring, understanding, respectful and supportive relationships between all members of our international school community. 
-  To develop understanding, appreciation and respect towards the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds within and without our community. 
-  To prepare our students for life-long learning and equip them with the skills and adaptability to compete confidently in a rapidly changing world. 
-  To help our students develop the self–confidence, self–discipline and the high ethical standards to enable then to communicate and operate within  today’s global community. 

Our Professional Staff:
-  Are committed to continuous lifelong learning.
-  Takes pride in belonging to an international community. 
-  Seek opportunities to serve in all areas of the organization where their skills can benefit our community, our students, our colleagues and our clients.
-  Are recognized for their skills, competence, effort and contributions. 
-  Are committed to long term professional development. 
-  Strive to continue to raise the educational standards in every possible way.
-  Are committed to giving all students the best possible educational experience.
Our School:
-  Provides opportunities for its staff members to excel.
-  Works with other academic institutions providing language education programs.
-  Provides current and timely information to clients and staff through regular communications and correspondences. 
-  Provides opportunities for internal promotion.
-  Is committed to providing continual professional development to all its employees.