On Discovering a Fire
Operate the nearest fire alarm Leave the building Assemble at the front of the building in the car park, Ensure that the Administrative Office has been informed, if you have not already done this. They will call the Fire Brigade.  

Fire Precautions
All staff and pupils must familiarize themselves with the location of fire doors and fire exits, so that they know as many as possible of the means of escape from the building. All staff and pupils should know the location of their nearest fire extinguishers and fire alarm call points and instructions for their use. Emergency exit routes must remain tidy and free from obstacles. Staff and pupils must not leave or store flammable materials on emergency exit routes or blocking immediate access to fire alarms, fire equipment or electrical switchgear.  The fire alarm is a bell and is tested within the building each Wednesday at 9.30am. Termly fire evacuation drills will be carried out and also recorded in the fire logbook. Firefighting equipment will be inspected annually and checks recorded on the equipment

Fire Prevention
The value of the nightly routine of switching off all unnecessary electrical equipment, checking that gas taps are turned off, and closing all doors to rooms and staircase enclosures, cannot be overstressed. Staffs are reminded that smoking is not permitted on school premises. A fire risk assessment will be carried out annually.