Health and Safety

Breakfast Snack and Lunch
Breakfast snacks are served everyday at 9.30am Lunch is a cooked meal and comprises of a main course, rice or pasta, salad, vegetables, bread and fruit/desert. There is a vegetarian option.  Pupils may bring a packed lunch if they wish. Students are to only eat in the cafeteria (dining hall) and not in the classroom. If your child has special dietary requirements, for instance for medical reasons
the class teacher and office should be informed in writing. It is not permitted to have food delivered to the school without permission.  
Students need to drink plenty of water during the day for their good health. It isbest that the students bring their own clearly labelled water bottles, cups or
sealable lids from home.  Students are not allowed to spill, play, throw or spit water at others.

In-School Nurse
The school employs an onsite nurse who can administer first aid in an accident or administer care for any sudden illness. We have a medical room with beds, blinds, first aid equipment, bandages and other medical supplies to treat and ailing child. We also have eight teachers with first aid training., There is a first aid kit in the science room and other around the building.
-  If the doctor recommends a child to go home the parents will be contacted by the principals office or their home room teacher. If in an emergency we can not contact anyone we will take the child to the nearest hospital.
-  The doctor also conducts regular health, hearing and sight tests keeping accurate records for each child.  
-  A child recovering from an illness should not return to school unless they are well enough to participate in a full school day including breaks and P.E. lessons.
-  The school will not normally take responsibility for administering prescribed medicine to children and medicine should not be sent in with a child without informing the homeroom teacher or office.
-  In exceptional circumstance the parents can write and sign an agreement paper, with the written agreement of their own doctor,  giving permission and clear
instructions on how to administer the medicine. Both the paper work and the medication in its original container must be taken to the school doctor by the patient before it will be administered.
-  Please do not send natural or homeopathic remedies to school.
-  Parents may consult the doctor for advice about their children’s health as well as general medical advice relating to life in M Mongolia. It is important that you advise the school of any change in the medical information you disclose at the time of admission.  
School Nurses Name: ___________________________ Telephone: _____________________________________

The safety of our children is of utmost importance to us at GIS. We try and create a safe, welcoming and warm environment where our students can relax feeling safe and secure.
Emergency Evacuation
In the event of a fire, earthquake or other natural disaster the school building will be evacuated and the children lead to safety in the front yard of the school. We practice evacuation drills twice a year.  
Security The school has 24 hour security guards, there is a live video surveillance system in all classrooms, halls and entry points. During the day visitors to the school are asked to register with the office and are given visitors badges.

Extreme Weather Procedures
The school will not normally close in extreme weather conditions. However if exceptional circumstances prevail, the school wi ll be closed. The decision to close will be made by the director by 07:30 in the morning. The quickest way to find out if the school will be closed is  call the home room teachers for information. In all cases of severe weather, parents should make the decision as to whether it is safe to send their children to school. Parents should also feel free to collect their children early if there is a concern that weather conditions are worsening and returning home later will be difficult.  
The school will not close early except in similar exceptional circumstances. Parents should keep their cell phones turned on.  The school secretary, receptionist or the homeroom teacher will phone or SMS to let the parents know if the school will be closing early. No child will be sent home without contacting the parent first. The school will take care of any children stranded at school for as long as is necessary.