Galaxy international school continues to embrace the exciting opportunities to expand learning through the use of ICT, computer networks and internet access for all students and staff. Our goal in providing these services to our students and staff is to promote educational excellence, resource sharing with educational institutions around the world, greater communication and scientific innovation. However with these great opportunities comes great responsibility for safe and appropriate use. In order for students and staff at GIS to use these systems they must first agree and conform to the GIS approved guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines could incur disciplinary procedures for both staff and students.
Respect the Technology
-  All users should keep in mind that when they use the internet, they are entering a global community and any actions taken by them will reflect upon the school
-  All users are responsible for appropriate behavior while using the network whether on a school computer or a communications device of their own
-  All users must behave in an ethical and legal manner
-  Appropriate network etiquette will sustained at all times.
-  Acceptable use is an extension of Galaxy International code of conduct and school rules
-  Any infraction of the acceptable use policy may lead to discipline as well as suspension of the use of the network
-  The System admin will deem what is inappropriate and may deny, revoke or suspend user privileges immediately with no notice
Unacceptable Use
Unacceptable use includes but is not limited to the following:
-  Plagiarism or violating copyright laws
-  Destroying or vandalizing computer equipment or the work or files of other users
-  Intentionally depleting resources such as paper or disk space
-  Violating the privacy of others, this includes revealing passwords, posting text or images without permission, cyberbullying
-  Using someone else's account without permission, using deleting, copying, modifying files or data belonging to others
-  Using abusive language or profanity
-  Spreading computer viruses
-  Sending, retrieving or posting inappropriate material
-  Posting information that would jeopardize personal safety
-  Illegal use of software, freeware or shareware or use of any software without the approval of the school
-  Loading software on any computer without authorization
-  Visiting web sites banned by the school
-  The use of chat rooms without authorization
-  Use storage media without permission and supervision of the teacher
Accessing the Internet
Galaxy International School will provide the following precautions to protect students from illegal, obscene, offensive and inaccurate material:
-  Educating the students in the use of the Internet
-  Appropriate supervision and monitoring of student use
-  Filtering software designed to restrict access to unsuitable Internet sites
Personal Safety and Security
Students should never give out personal information, which includes their address, telephone number, parents work address or  telephone number or the name and location of the school.
Use of the Internet without a clearly defined educational objective, understood by both students and teachers, is not allowed.  Students should not visit, seek out or view sites containing objectionable material that is inconsistent  with the educational goals of UEIS. We realize it is possible to stumble upon said material, however students are expected  to behave in a responsible manner and leave these sites immediately and notify their teacher of the problem.
Internet activities that us excessive network resources in ways that prevent others from accessing the network are not allowed. Web publishing of any materials with abusive, harassing, threatening or objectionable language is forbidden. Students who violate the computer/internet acceptable use policy will, depending on the severity, will be subject to disciplinary action.