Language Policy

The English language is the learning medium of the school. All subjects except home subjects (e.g. Kazakh history) and language subjects are taught in English. The staff and students are encouraged to only speak English in class and around the school. In certain emergencies the local language is allowed and in other circumstances where speaking in English would be prohibited the local language is allowed.  
It is important that the home language of multi-lingual learners is valued and seen as an asset to learning. Staffs are aware and sensitive to the needs of children for whom English is an additional language; working with parents we use home language where appropriate. We also use labels, posters, photographs and books that are already in the setting.
Students who enter the school after kindergarten and later in the term than the rest of the school and have low English abilities will be taken out of their regular English classes and be given one-on-
one instruction. Also remedial English can be offered to anyone whom the teacher may believe will benefit from extra instruction