The school has the following facilities:

Science Laboratory
Ore up-to-date laboratory is equipped with modern facilities, workbenches and all the equipment needed for a budding young scientists. They are outfitted the most modern health and safety equipment including eye washes, fire blankets, fire extinguishers and first aid kits Computer Rooms (ICT Suites)
We have two brand new computer rooms that have been equipped with brand new equipment. The first is a Mac room with 20 new Macintosh computers with scanners, printers and internet access. We also have a brand new PC room with 20 new machines connected to the internet also with access to printers and scanners.

“Smart Board” Class Rooms
All of our classrooms are equipped with “smart boards”, up-to-date computers, projectors, sound system and all the latest software and interactive audio-visual presentations. 

Dining Room
Our student canteen can sit up to 300 students at a time. Our kitchens are hygienic and conform the Kazakhstan governments health and safety stipulations. They are tested regularly and cleaned after every serving. Lunch consists of a soup, a main course with vegetables, a pudding and a bread. Our meals are full of valuable nutrition and set the students up for the rest of the day.

Snack bar
We also have a snack bar where the students can buy nutritional snacks and drinks during the day

With a librarian on duty at all times to assist, our brand new  library is well stocked with fact and fiction books in many languages. A variety of reading books, reference books, video and Cd’s for the students to review and support their studies and for their reading and research pleasure.

Out Side Play Area
There is an outside play area with, play areas for kindergarten, the lower school and the upper school. Outside play is allowed in break and lunch times and supervised at all times.

Medical Room
A full time nurse is employed by the school at all times in case of sickness or accident. Her office is found on the first floor. If your child has any special medical needs the please let your homeroom teacher know now. Eight of our teachers have first aid certificates and there are first aid kits in the science laboratory and in other places around the school.

Exam Suites
We have two brand new exam suites specifically designed for the students to take their exams in a quiet space where they can concentrate to their fullest.

Lecture Theatre
A tiered seated lecture theater that seats 250 people at a time with a sound system and projector. Used for special evenings,  presentations, graduations, teacher training and parent-teacher evenings.

Heated Changing Rooms
Separate sex heated changing rooms inside the gym. 

Modern Hygienic Bathrooms
Modern Hygienic bathroom suits with flushing sit down toilets and sinks with hand cream and drying towels. Each bathroom is cleaned three times a day.

A heated gym with marked volleyball, badminton, basketball, 5-aside football courts and table tennis, wrestling mats.

Logical Games Room
Our, unique logical games room where once a week the students go to practice mental agility by trying to solve level appropriate mental an d logical problems.

Car Park
We have plenty of space for parents to park their cars when they drop off or pick up their children.