GIS takes the exam system very seriously, not only as a way to measure the students skills and the level of teaching they are also meant to prepare the students for the rigors of the IGCE “O” and “A” level exams as well as the exams they will take when in university.  Failure to follow any of these rules may result in your paper being removed and loosing your mark and being sent before the disciplinary committee where the consequences could be suspension or expulsion. Go to the toilet and take a drink before the exam starts Make sure you are prepared for the exam. Only equipment that is necessary for the exam should be ready and on the desk (pens,  pencils, erasers, sharpener, extra leads or refills, calculators etc.). You will not be allowed to leave the room for any reason once the exam has started.  Only open the exam paper when you are told to do so. Make sure your first and second name and date are written in capitals clearly on the front of the paper. Keep the exam paper clean and flat and on the desk where you are sitting. Do not doodle or draw on the paper. If you are have a problem with your exam raise your hand and wait for the teacher to respond. The teacher may help clarify the question but they will not give you the answer or tell you how to answer the questions. Keep quiet during the exams. Do not talk to any other student during the exam. If you have any kind of problem ask the teacher present.  Be careful that you mark multiple choice questions clearly. Do not leave any answers blank. If you think you have finished and there is time left, check your answers. If you have finished checking and you still have time , turn over the page and wait. Do not disturb the others.  When the examiner calls “TIME. PENS, PENCILS DOWN” put your pens and pencils down immediately and wait quietly until your paper is collected. All use of electronic devices such as mobile phones, palm pads, electronic dictionaries or programmable calculators are prohibited in the exam and any use by a student will result in instant dismissal from the exam and the student will be sent in front of the disciplinary committee. 


Homeroom and subject teachers will discuss with the students the class rules and expectations with the students at the beginning of the year.  The teachers and students agree on an exemplary code of conduct and accompanying consequences which will fulfil the classroom rules for the following year.  The homeroom teachers will also review the general rules in this handbook as well as any other rules that are needed for the provision of an effective and safe learning environment. No handbook or set of rules can cover every eventuality and there are sometimes, for many reasons, breakdowns in behavior and discipline. In these cases we feel that it is important to address these in a respectful way, one-on-one if possible. We expect the homeroom and subject teachers to handle and punish misbehavior (within our guidelines) themselves. If the behavior persists or accelerates then the teachers have the option of reporting the behavior to the vice-principals and then the principals who will deal with the situations, usually involving the parents. In cases of serious misconduct the student can be referred,  by the principal to the disciplinary committee who will review the situation and make recommendations to the director.  The disciplinary remits, in situations beyond behavior that can be dealt with by an immediate reprimand of the teacher, are outlined below.


The disciplinary committee should only be called in cases of extreme miss-conduct where the situation has been referred by the Principals office. The disciplinary committee can only make recommendations for the solution to the problem directly to the Director of the school who has final say The committee’s recommendations will be based on written indent reports, witness statements and other factual statements all kept on file. 


Galaxy International School  together with the Director and the Principals set the direction and tone of the school in all that they do and are committed to working with parents in the best interests of their children’s’ education. The purpose of the Complaints Procedure is to address complaints raised by parents/guardians. The procedure covers all matters relating to the actions of staff employed in the school and the application of school procedures, where they affect individual pupils. However, directors, principles, teachers and parents need to be clear about the difference between a concern and a complaint.  Taking informal concerns seriously at the earliest possible stage will reduce the numbers that develop into formal complaints.  Where it becomes evident at an early stage that a matter should be dealt with according to other established procedures or appeals mechanisms, this Complaints Procedure will be set aside in favor of the agreed procedure such as the Kazakhstan Child Protection Act, Special Education Policy, Admissions Policy, Disciplinary Suspensions and Expulsions and decisions made by the Director or the disciplinary council, 


While in school students are required to dress in the correct school uniform. The school uniform is compulsory for all students and can be purchased from the
school, through the homeroom teacher or the office. All students must arrive and leave school wearing the school uniform. They may not arrive in casual clothes
and then change into the uniform. Nor may they change out of their uniform before they leave the school. The regulation school uniform must be worn throughout
the day except during physical education classes (P.E.) when the regulation P.E. uniforms are required. Students are advised to sew name tags into the uniforms to
assist in the return of lost items. Students are allowed to wear overcoats, scarves and hats on campus but not in the building or classroom. In the advent of a dis-
pute the GIS management and administration  retains the right to define what is and isn’t appropriate ion school premises. 

General attendance

Our school schedule is very full so it is essential that pupils attend school every day and arrive on time. We ask that pupils should not be removed from school for extended periods unless absolutely necessary.

School rules

The manner in which staff and students behave should be a reflection of our mission statement. To support and encourage this we have certain expectations of our students along with support systems, guidelines, rules & regulations, committees and systems to communicate and encourage what is and isn’t “Galaxy” Behavior. Behaviour
The staff and student in Galaxy are committed to maintaining an inviting, safe, equal, supporting environment that reflects courtesy and respect amongst students, teachers, administrates, support staff, parents and all of the many visitors to the school. Every person in GIS is responsible and accountable for their conduct, they are made aware that there are consequences to their actions that they must take on and accept those consequences whether those consequences were immediately apparent or not. 
Students are meant to maintain an atmosphere of high respect at all times. It is expected students, as a norm, follow the guidelines outlined in the rules and regulations. Everyone should  be proud of their school and respect it by behaving appropriately, both on and off the school campus.  On campus every member of the school is responsible for the care of school property including classrooms facilities and all other areas. Vandalism and damage to school property of facilities should be reported immediately .Repair or replacement of damaged or lost school property , resulting from actions other than regular use, wear and tare, will be the responsibility of the individuals involved.
Off campus students are expected to behave properly and with responsibility for themselves, the public and the environment. This includes being courteous, orderly, well behaved and polite in transit to or from school regardless of the kind of transport. All members of the school are ambassadors for Galaxy and the carry the reputation of the school with them at al times.