While in school students are required to dress in the correct school uniform. The school uniform is compulsory for all students and can be purchased from the
school, through the homeroom teacher or the office. All students must arrive and leave school wearing the school uniform. They may not arrive in casual clothes
and then change into the uniform. Nor may they change out of their uniform before they leave the school. The regulation school uniform must be worn throughout
the day except during physical education classes (P.E.) when the regulation P.E. uniforms are required. Students are advised to sew name tags into the uniforms to
assist in the return of lost items. Students are allowed to wear overcoats, scarves and hats on campus but not in the building or classroom. In the advent of a dis-
pute the GIS management and administration  retains the right to define what is and isn’t appropriate ion school premises. 

Uniform Definition
-  Blue or red GIS T-shirts. Undershirts may be white and short sleeved if worn. The student may choose to button the top button if they wish.
-  Black or brown dress shoes, business casual that must be modest and not attract attention. Boots only during the winter period. Heels no thicker than 2.5cm 
-  Plain unadorned socks (black, brown, navy or white colors) or tights (for girls) must be worn always. 
-  Grey pants for boys or tartan skirts for girls. Pants must not be rolled at the waist, the waist size should be the same as the students waist size. Nothing baggy and the bottom of the pants leg must reach the shoe without being long enough to bunch at the ankle. 
-  Belts are required. Smooth straight edge, back or brown, no wider than 4cm without fancy, ornamental or extravagant buckles  
-  GIS standard sports uniform or any other sports uniform and athletic shoes  or similar which are none-marking on the gym floor.

Female Students
Female students are prohibited from the following:
-  All forms of cosmetics are banned completely
-  No hair is to be worn below the students shoulders
-  Hair styled in an appropriate and tasteful fashion
-  Jewelry is limited to one pair of plane ear rings, one necklace (worn under the shirt
-  Altering their uniforms in any way.
Male Students
Male students are prohibited from the following:
-  Hair must be neat and cut above the color and of a natural color
-  Students must be clean shaven and sideburns not lower than the middle of the ear  
-  Body jewelry including ear rings
-  Hats are only to be worn in times of bad weather and not in the classroom
All Students
-  No Facial, tongue or body Piercings
-  No visual tattoos
-  No glitter or body drawings of any time
-  No T-shirts with prominent or rude slogans
-  Fingernails should be unadorned, unpainted, clean and at an appropriate length.