General attendance

Our school schedule is very full so it is essential that pupils attend school every day and arrive on time. We ask that pupils should not be removed from school for extended periods unless absolutely necessary.

If a student is going to be unexpectedly absent (e.g.. Sudden sickness), please telephone the school to let us know the reason, preferably by 8.30am on the morning of the first day of absence. When a students returns from being absent and the parent has not already contacted us, a note explaining the absence must be sent with the child and if necessary an appropriate medical certificate specifying the days and the reason for the absence. It’s a legal responsibility for the school to report the attendance and absences of students  to the Mazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science so accurate records are essential.

Lateness is disruptive to your child’s day, to the class and to the continuity of your child’s education. Occasionally lateness is unavoidable, especially with Almaty traffic, however persistent lateness is not acceptable and will lead the child to be subject to the disciplinary procedure.  Students arriving late must see the duty teacher, vice-principle or the principle and register in the late book. A “late slip” will be given to the student and the principals office will record the tardiness on the school records. Any students tardy to any class by fifteen minutes or more will be recorded as absent for the current
class and will have to wait to in the detention room until the next period starts. Three times late and the student will receive detention, six times late and the student will receive detention and a letter will be sent to the parents, 9 times late and the student and parents will be called in front of the disciplinary committee. 

Leaving the School Early
For security reasons, no child is allowed to leave the school early. If a child below grade 7 needs to leave early they must ne picked up by a parent. Students from Grade 7 to Grade 11 must call the school or submit a letter explaining why the student needs to leave early. Upon checking of the note the principles office will issue an “excused” slip which will allow them past the security gate.

Pupils are supervised during break time and are expected to use this time to go to the bathroom. Students are allowed to buy snacks and drinks, play in the gym and play outside weather permitting. Students above grade three will not be allowed to go to the bathroom during lesson time. 

End of The Day
We ask parents, weather permitting, to wait for their children in the schoolyard. Children are supervised by the staff in their classrooms until signed for and collected by their parents or designated guardian,  If your primary child is to picked up by someone other than yourself, or your usual contact you must inform the school in advance, providing details of the person who will pick them up and sign for them. Any arriving to pick-up a student will be required to sign in the visitors book, Secondary students (Grade 6 to Grade 12) may leave the school independently.  After 16:30 uncollected primary students will be supervised in a designated area. If children are repeatedly left after 16:30 parents may be charged for the extra supervision time.