School rules

The manner in which staff and students behave should be a reflection of our mission statement. To support and encourage this we have certain expectations of our students along with support systems, guidelines, rules & regulations, committees and systems to communicate and encourage what is and isn’t “Galaxy” Behavior. Behaviour
The staff and student in Galaxy are committed to maintaining an inviting, safe, equal, supporting environment that reflects courtesy and respect amongst students, teachers, administrates, support staff, parents and all of the many visitors to the school. Every person in GIS is responsible and accountable for their conduct, they are made aware that there are consequences to their actions that they must take on and accept those consequences whether those consequences were immediately apparent or not. 
Students are meant to maintain an atmosphere of high respect at all times. It is expected students, as a norm, follow the guidelines outlined in the rules and regulations. Everyone should  be proud of their school and respect it by behaving appropriately, both on and off the school campus.  On campus every member of the school is responsible for the care of school property including classrooms facilities and all other areas. Vandalism and damage to school property of facilities should be reported immediately .Repair or replacement of damaged or lost school property , resulting from actions other than regular use, wear and tare, will be the responsibility of the individuals involved.
Off campus students are expected to behave properly and with responsibility for themselves, the public and the environment. This includes being courteous, orderly, well behaved and polite in transit to or from school regardless of the kind of transport. All members of the school are ambassadors for Galaxy and the carry the reputation of the school with them at al times.


Respect Yourself and Others
Students should at all times:
-  Speak kindly to others (including lower/higher grades, teachers, visitors, secretarys and all staff)
-  Respect the property of others (do not steal, break, mark, damage, pollute or take without permission)
-  Respect the emotions and personal space of others (do not bully, harass, abuse, touch, harm or injure others)
-  Respect the right to learn (do  not be disruptive or distract other from learning}
-  Respect and assert your right to learn (be on time in all ways, keep focus, do not skip classes, do your best)
-  Respect the rights to a clean and safe learning environment (do not act in a way that will harm yourself or others)

Strive for Excellence
-  Strive and encourage others to strive for excellent behavior and achievement.
-  Use your time constructively, do your best work
-  Listen to and help others, support others, offer positive communications and encouragement
-  Take care of the environment, equipment, personal property, don’t litter, care for the school
-  Be healthy and safe, take care of your body, exercise, eat and sleep well, help anyone hurt or upset
-  Follow the rules, use common sense, listen to teachers instructions and be safe at all times

Obey the Wise
Not all rules for behavior can be specifically listed in  handbook, so we require students at all time to follow teacher, parent or supervising adults instructions at all times. Teachers will do their best to look out for the safety and well being of all the students in the school and will make requests or give instructions accordingly. All staff members of GIS have the very best interests of your students at heart. 
Students from grade 3  upwards will take care of any bathroom breaks, calls to parents, or business with the office during break times, not during class times. This, while it may seem uncomfortable for the students, is in the best interests of the class in terms of minimizing disruption and to the students in maximizing learning time and continuity of their education and valuable classroom time.  If a student feels that a teachers request or instruction is unfair or unreasonable then it is best to follow that request and then follow the procedures used to address a grievance as outlined in section xxx of the handbook. Of course, in the case where a students feels threatened, unsafe, if there is a medical emergency or the request is unethical and makes the student feel uncomfortable then follow the dictates of good sense and reason. Those in the administration will understand.

Being a Good Global Citizen
Every student should work towards being a student who:
-  Contributes to the improvement of others, the school, the wider community and society in general
-  Shares a sense of responsibility for the school the environment, the planet and all those who inhabit it
-  Demonstrate their ability to communicate, use technology appropriately and express themselves in visual and performing arts
-  Solve problems, think critically and make informed decisions applying themselves to real-life situations
-  Access and manage information responsibly and effectively
-  Assume responsibility for the choices and actions they take working  independently and collaboratively
-  Lead and active, well balanced and healthy lifestyle

Parental Expectations
We kindly ask the parents to:
-  Treat all members of Galaxy staff with respect
-  Talk to the appropriate person when you have a concern or complaint
-  If you have an issue with a parent, student or teacher raise it with the appropriate person as define in the complaints procedure
-  Drive slowly while on the grounds
-  Support your child in doing their homework and other school responsibilities
-  Make efforts to have your children at school on time
-  Help your children follow the uniform and appearance policy
-  Make sure your child is dressed and presented according to uniform policy
-  Ensure you and your child follow the school rules with good spirit and respect
-  To remain calm at all times and not resort to aggression or violence