Nursery Programme

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide a framework to guide those teachers working with the Galaxy nursery classes. The range of learning opportunities for this age group are outlined showing the learning objectives that children of this grade should be trying to reach throughout the day's play. it can be used to review progress and promote good practice.

This curriculum takes into account the requirements of the British statuary curriculum for children on entry to compulsory education. This curriculum also takes into account the PILES targets(Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, Social learning areas).

Data on the anticipated progress in children's learning is outlined for every area of the curriculum. Though, we know, children develop at different rates and their achievements may very all children should have an opportunity to follow curriculum which will enable them to make appropriate progress and aim for high achievement.

While some children will do better than expected while other will need continued support to make progress. Differentiation is an important tool in the curriculum. Graduated exercises and lesson plans are the way to give everyone in the class a chance to succeed.